About Us

Silverback Company was named after the male Cross River gorillas, called silverback. We assist village cooperatives in rainforest areas of Cameroon, adding value to products and sustainable livelihood activities. The revenues are put back into the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, while supporting local communities.

How we do it

Silverback Company works alongside local cooperatives and their communities to process their commodities and market them nationally and internationally. To that end we set up production and processing units in communities.

Where we work

Silverback Company operates from its headquarters in Buea. Its geographical spreads cuts across key biodiversity hotspots in Cameroon. These include the Lebialem Highlands, Adamawa Plateau, Bamenda Highlands, Mount Cameroon an the Eastern Lowland Rainforests.


The Silverback Company is an initiative of the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF). The Silverback Company Ltd is made up of an independent Board of Directors. It has a management team that overseas the operations of the Forest Products Development Unit, Marketing Unit, the Media and Publishing Unit, the Access & Benefit Sharing Initiative (ABS) and the Conservation Finance Unit (CFU).



The quality of organic products is assessed according to particularly strict criteria. The entire process is governed by strict controls.


We deliver goods worldwide. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door or to any other location you have stated.

Careful Selection

Silverback Company is working as an intermediary and marketplace; our website connects hundreds of local producers to (inter) national customers.

Meet our Team

We are here to assist you. We link local producers with national and international buyers.
Mbong Joyce B. (BSc)
Mbong Joyce B. (BSc)
Communication Officer
Ignatius Njom (Msc)
Ignatius Njom (Msc)
Managing Director of Silver Back Company
Ngong Isabella Nndzem (BA)
Ngong Isabella Nndzem (BA)
Marketing Assistant.