As the Environment s the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) builds a robust and consistently growing sustainability plan, so comes the birth of the ERuDeF Biodiversity Business Initiative (EBiB Initiative). The ERu-DeF Biodiversity Business Initiative (EBiB Initiative) seeks to link the forest and biodiversity resources to the industrial and corporate sectors. Through this linkage, a substantial business volume is generated between the forest adjacent communities, the industrial and corporate sectors through the development of the economic value chains of the traded communities.

In order to capture the flow and quantify its resources (ori-gin of the commodities), volume of business transaction, the destination of the commodities, the financial investment involved and the profits generated, the social Business Division of ERuDeF launched two of its major mechanism of operation namely the Cameroon Biodiversity Business(CBB) Newsletter and the Silver Back Company (SBC).

This company is responsible for conducting the business operations between the forest adjacent communities and the industrial and corporate sectors. The Cameroon Biodiversity Business Newsletter has therefore come to inform not only the constituent stakeholders but also the wider public to better access the volume of business involved, the contributions of these marginalized communities to wealth creation and how they could be better assisted.

This maiden edition of this Newsletter analyses all the major stakeholders involved in the Biodiversity Business Initiative, the geographical scope of the commodities and the role the Biodiversity Business Initiative can play in financing biodi-versity conservation, local development and the overall eco-nomic development of Cameroon.

The CBB Newsletter is a monthly publication of the Social Business Division of ERuDeF. It will be managed by the Communication Department of ERuDeF. The Biodiversity Business Initiative range of commodities will include but not limited to Palm Oil and its by-products, Honey and its by-products, Non-timber forest products, products related to the commercialization of genetic re-sources and traditional knowledge as well as all other pro-ducts coming from the commercialization of the forest and biodiversity resources. The ERuDeF Biodiversity Business Initiative covers all the biodiversity hotpots and protected areas of Cameroon.

In this maiden edition of the CBB Newsletter, the geographical area of concentration is in the Lebialem Highlands in SW Cameroon. The Lebialem Highlands is one of the key signature conservation initiatives of ERuDeF in Cameroon. Within this geographical remit, ERuDeF is seeking to facilitate the creation of a community conservation trust fund whose whole remit will be to support community conservation in the Lebialem Highlands. The successful creation of this community foundation will pave the way for using bio-diversity business to create similar ones in the other regions of Cameroon and eventually the whole of Central Africa.

President / C.E.O ERuDeF, Publisher
ERuDeF Media Group